Dare to unlabel
Dare to unlabel has a profound challenge for all adorers of fashion and design. By simply unlabeling your wardrobe and contribute the design label(s) that you've carefully taken off your clothing you'll become a participant in this project yourself. The labels, or if you want these little pieces of shared identities, will be worked out into a 'labeldress'. This dare to unlabel statement is questioning the influence of designers and brands at your daily shopping reality, or worse still, the way you want to express yourself. Are they making you, your image, or your reputation? Or are you 'just going for quality'? Your choice to contribute to the Label-dress expresses a re-significance of the design labels importance. Do you really dare? Do you really care?

Original letter of invitation >> challenge.pdf

The project dare to unlabel is part of Collection Droog Design 2003 info@droogdesign.nl | www.droogdesign.nl


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The prototype 'labeldress' shown in this video presentation is a 66 meters long ribbon containing approximately 1700 labels. This dress is explicitly a prototype and therefore in the next stages it will be worked out to a piece of shared identities. The collected label will become a matter of re-significance.

This project is present at diverse multimedia and fashion events:


open at December 8th:

Simply Droog
10 + 1 years of creating innovation and discussion
Museo Oscar Niemeyer
Curitiba, Brazil

after Curitiba the exhibition travels to Grand Hornu and New York city:

April 22- July 23, 2006
Musee Grand Hornu Images, Grand Hornu

September 15 - November 25, 2006
MAD Museum New York

22.02.2005 -10.04.2005

Simply Droog: Irony 
@home | 7b Staalstraat | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Part of the current exhibitionIronyat droog@home

Gallery open from 12:00 a.m -18:00 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays 

18th March -23 May 2004

Simply Droog
10 + 1 years of creating innovation and discussion
Haus des Kunst | Munich | Germany

Droog Design is 10 years old! To celebrate this, the exhibition "Simply Droog 10+1years" is being prepared which will travel around the world. The exhibition will highlight the topics that have been put forward by Droog Design in the last 10 years. 

The exhibition's kick-off will be at the Haus des Kunst in Munich on 17th March 2004, on invitation by Director Chris Dercon. Ten themes will be arranged in rooms around the "Mittelhalle", where the historic part of the exhibition will take place. It is an archive project by J祮 Bey, who considers the ten years of existence a moment of stock-taking. The Munich based designer Konstantin Grcic will be placing the exhibition in a suitable atmosphere, with an installation entitled "white noise", where the public can listen to interviews through headphones. There will be lectures and occasional diners and lunches. There will also be space where visitors can use products from the exhibition and participate in projects. 

Afterwards the exhibition will tour through South America and the United States.

7 through 12 October, 2003
Your Choice | Droog Design | Designblok Prague

In the second week of October Droog Design is to be seen in the Czech Republic for the first time. After the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and the Kulturhuset Museum in Stockholm, Droog Design finally presents Your Choice during the Czech Designblok. 䠷as our dream to bring Droog Design to Pragueೡys Jana Semer᤯vᬠdirector of Designblok.

September 2-28, 2003

Your Choice | Droog Design | Stockholm
2-28 september

June 1, 2003:

Mediamatic SuperSalon
On a hot summerday people were challenged to take part in the dare to unlabel project at the
Mediamatic Supersalon.

Mediamatic Supermarkt, Nieuwe Foeliestraat /corner Rapenburg. desk@mediamatic.nl

Photo's: Mediamatic

May 7 - 18, 2003

Your Choice | Droog Design | Kunsthal Rotterdam
Your Choice' comments on choosing something consciously or unconsciously from the host of possibilities presented to us. How many choices does a person want and how many can he cope with? And what happens when the consumer is offered so many possibilities and variations that it's no longer possible to make a choice? In Your Choice obvious considerations are blown up and turned upside down. If products are exactly the same and only differ in price, then of course you go for the cheapest. Or don't you? Your Choice is a project that is mainly intended to provoke questions, born from a curiosity about visitors' behaviour. It's your choice.

Participants: Cecilie Frostad Egeberg, Onkar Singh Kular, Claudia Linders, Next Architects, Ted Noten, Frederik Roijé, Vincent de Rijk, Maartje Steenkamp, Thonik, Frank Tjepkema, United Statements.

Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341, 3015 AA Rotterdam
T: +31 (0)10 44 00 301
communicatie@kunsthal.nl | www.kunsthal.nl

"Your choice of label in Rotterdam with the old Rotterdam label in the background". Natal da Graça, may 2003

April 9 - 13, 2003

Your choice | Salone del Mobile Milan
The launch and first presentation of the project in progress was presented during the Salone del Mobile Milan 2003 invited by Droog Design Amsterdam. Exhibition 'Your choice'.

Droog design / Galleria Postart
Via Giannone, 10
20154 Milano
Green Metro Line > Moscova